Why You should Include Bridal Preparations In Your Photography Package

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Bridal Party Group Images.

IMAGINE, you awake on the morning of your wedding,  Often in a strange room, in a strange hotel and the combination of nerves and excitement are getting the best of you. You didn’t sleep particularly well last night, kept awake by the streams of little square boxes in your mind, of all the jobs that needed to be ticked off spanning back over the past 18 months. Questions,  Will I fit into my dress?, does the Florist know where to drop the flowers off? Will the kids behave?………Will “He” be on time….? “he loves a lay in!”.

Lacing up the Bridal Dress.

You have no makeup on, your hair a mess, Prosecco bottles and half empty fluted glasses litter every surface in your Bridal Preparation suite.

You ask yourself…….. “why on earth would I want to even include Bridal Preparation Photography in my package?”

Here’s Why We Say You Should.

After all of the excitement and the weeks that have past by since your wedding, your photographer has squirreled himself  or herself away in their studios, meticulously  culling and editing images to help tell one of the most amazing stories and milestones  to have happened to yourself and Husbands life together so far.

IMAGE: © Daley Wilson Photography

Like all great stories, they start with a Beginning, have a middle and an End.

But with Bridal Preparation photography it goes far beyond just providing a solid timeline of events to help bookend your wedding gallery and albums. It’s a chance to capture the smaller details such as wedding shoes ( which if I can offer a word of advice, in my experience with Brides of wedding past, before your big day, “BREAK THOSE BAD BOYS IN”. You’ll thank me after.).

where was I….

The smaller details are memories  that will be forgotten  over time, maybe lost or perished such as Button Hole Flowers for the boys or your Bridal Bouquet! Daley Wilson Photography aims to capture everything you have put Time, Thought and Money into, so this doesn’t happen. The still image documentation of the details may someday offer inspiration to your children, Family or friends and maybe create a kind of tradition passed down to brides  within your family for generations to come. If anything else, the details may offer a little nostalgia when looking back on your day.

Remember the small details?.

More importantly, the period leading up to your ceremony, once styled, dressed and Make-Up’d, is the perfect opportunity for yourself and Bridesmaids to spend a little time with the photographer. It’s the only time in which you haven’t been, poked prodded, had your make up smudged by millions of hugs  and kisses from friends and family and your feeling fresh and re-energised, ready to tackle the day ahead.

This time also offers a brief moment to yourself, to collect your thoughts, compose yourself and calm your mind before you walk down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams.

So….. you can see that Bridal Preparation Photography is more than just capturing images to bulk out your gallery, it provides you with a tether to forgotten memories, creates nostalgia provides you with moral support from somebody who lives and breathes weddings during the lead up to your ceremony.

PLUS… it creates an awesome Bookend to your Wedding Gallery!.

Time to compose and calm your mind.
Capturing the Dress is a MUST!

PLUS… it creates an awesome Bookend to your Wedding Gallery!!!

Here are the top 15 images I aim to capture during Bridal Preparation.

  1. Garter
  2. Flowers/Bouquet
  3. Perfume
  4. Bridal Jewellery – Necklaces and Earrings
  5. Bride Being Styled and having Make up applied
  6. The Dress
  7. The Shoes
  8. Personalised Champagne Glasses
  9. Bridal Party Reactions
  10. Maid of Honour and Bride together
  11. Bride looking into Mirror
  12. Lacing up of Brides Dress
  13. Bridal Party Group Photos
  14. Individual Bride Portraits
  15. Father of the Bride collecting the Bride

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