How NOT to Choose The Right Photographer.

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You can search the web and there are thousands of articles on “How to Choose the RIGHT Photographer”. So when drawing inspiration for my latest blog post, I wanted to do things a little different.

I am going to share with you


No matter what you may need their services for , whether it be for a wedding, Business and Product or an event, there are things you should know about the mind set that you will inevitably find yourself in when choosing the right photographer for you.

A little bit about me.

I have been a Full time Professional Commercial and Wedding Photographer in the beautiful county of Lancashire, U.K for a little over five years and a hobbyist tog for almost 3 times as long.

behins the scenes of a salon shoot with spectrum one hair salon
Salon Photography behind the scenes of a commercial photo shoot.

In this time I have heard the same mistakes repeated over and over, unfortunately for some of my clients I am approached to rectify an issue with other photographers work presented to them.  From here on out please let this post be a friendly heads up to help you in your search.

Disclaimer: images within this post have been shot by myself or by the Daley Wilson Photography Team and may have been manipulated to express a point.

“I Have an IPhone”

I love the fact that now anybody who has access to a smart device with a camera can become creative and allow their artistic flare to flow and in turn present their art to the world. I must say , I am in no way against phone photography because there are some phenomenal photographers out there that lead in this genre . What isn’t cool is the presumption that a phone or any smart device can create an image that puts your product or business in the best light possible to sell said product or promote your business to increase revenue……”who doesn’t like more money?”.

A photographer invests so much into his/her profession, not only in hardware and fancy gadgets, but time in educating themselves about their trade.

A professional photographer will know exactly how to arrange your product, what colours, background and lighting will highlight your product and make it stand out against your competitors products. They will provide support, consistency in imagery and more valuable, help promote your product via social networking and website links to your business or products from their portfolios.

iPhone image versus Nikon Dslr Product Photography
iPhone vs Professional Dslr

If you don’t want to appear to be a professional business person with half hearted unimaginative product images, please…. use your iPhone? .

If you absolutely MUST resort to using your camera phone please check out Emili Pakarklis: TOP 10 IPhone Tips and Tricks to Quickly Improve your IPhone Photography. 

I have a low budget

As a wedding photographer, I can appreciate and entirely understand that everyone who needs or would like a photographer for their Wedding, business development or event may not have a huge budget, however, please trust me when I say that hiring a professional photographer is an investment, whether it be memories from your big day or to show case your product in the best light possible.

Commercial and product photography
Professional Stock images Sell that product more effectively – FACT!



Please I urge you to to save, save save and get the absolute best photographer you can afford. Have you ever heard

“You get exactly what you pay for!”

On that note , don’t mistake a Photographer promotion or deals as a gage on whether or not they are a cheap photographer who produces substandard work. We often run promotions for many reasons such as SEO BOOSTING to drive customers to our portfolios websites or even fill quiet gaps or brakes in our diary.


There are so many reasons why we would not want to book a professional photographer, but these two main reasons just about covers it. 

If you have regretted a not hiring a pro, or decided to hire a pro let me know in the comments below. Also if you have any topics you would like me to cover , whether it be photography technique or advise, again drop us a comment in the comment box , I am always looking for inspiration. 

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